Kittens with Jetpacks

You have no problems

You’re doing fine. You’ve got a new idea. You have the perfect domain name. You’re actually making money, and everything is good. But now and then you run into challenges you aren’t quite sure how to tackle.

It’s not that you can’t do it – either you’re too close to the problem, or it’s just something you haven’t encountered before and you don’t have the time to come up to speed by yourself. This is where we can help.

Kitten stalking

One of the most useful ways of thinking about a problem is in terms of a kitten. A kitten only cares about a few specific things, and concentrates on them to the exclusion of everything else. The kitten at the top of the page is preparing to steal your watch. Startup founders in particular often end up being kittens, focussing on the problem at hand — which is often what is needed to get things done.

Let us help

We aren’t kittens. Our job isn’t to know every detail of your company and technology, but to have a thorough overview of the landscape. We spend our time scouting out or creating new ideas and technologies so that we can introduce you to them when you need them. We are kittens with jetpacks.

We have experience in a range of areas that are helpful when you need a little help, including:


As well as general technology consulting, we offer two specific services:

Technology Health Check

Covering everything from security practices and use of cloud services to technology architecture, managing vendor risk and internal processes, we can give an external view of the strengths and weaknesses of your current technology position. Scope can vary widely depending on your needs, so at the start of any engagement we will work with you to explore the shape of your organisation and where you feel the biggest challenges lie.

Similar to the technical due diligence an investor of potential M&A may require, a health check can be valuable at many points of a company’s growth, helping give confidence and guiding future strategy and development.

Product Inception Workshop

Going from idea to a concrete development plan can be a complex and anxious process, particularly to those new to web or mobile development. By running a phased workshop for gathering, developing and prioritising ideas, and then optionally developing these into an initial development plan, we can provide reassurance and support through this process, whether you are a brand new startup, an innovation team seeking internal investment, or even experienced entrepreneurs who appreciate the benefit of a little more structure during product definition.

The whole approach is tailored to subsequently adopting an agile approach, and both the development plan and the workshop itself will reflect that, for instance by spending more time on aspects identified as part of a Minimum Viable Product. We can also provide options for getting a prototype off the ground, including rapid prototyping by running a /dev/fort for your new project.

You can trust us

James Aylett helped build Tangozebra, which in 2007 was Europe’s leading digital advertising technology provider (bought by Doubleclick, now part of Google); Artfinder, a site for sharing your passion for art while finding more to see, love and buy; and NSFWCORP, a digital and print journalism startup since acquired by Pando Media. He is co-founder of /dev/fort, a band camp for web technologists, which has created sites such as Spacelog, The Reading Gym, Earth Lens and Historymesh. He has presented to, taught at or consulted for a wide variety of organisations including EMI, Nortel Networks, Channel 4, Diffiniti and The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and is an active mentor in the UK startup and software development communities. James is joined by guest consultants from around the world. (If you are interested in working with us, and have your own jetpack, please get in touch.)

If you have a challenge, or your kittens need putting in order, then talk to us about ways we can help.

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